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Jefferson County is required to periodically review and update its critical areas regulations to include best available science (BAS).  Any regulations drafted by the county must protect the functions and values of critical areas as well as protect anadromous fisheries.  State rules define the types of information that can be used as BAS, and any revisions to the critical areas regulations must consider BAS.  Jefferson County has been collecting BAS documents and a report has been prepared summarizing BAS information for the county.  This report is available from the DCD homepage. 

Jefferson County is currently in the process of revising critical areas regulations language to comply with the BAS requirement.  DCD will be discussing the draft revisions at Planning Commission meetings . You are welcome to attend these meetings to learn more about the revisions. In summary, critical area regulations should continue to reflect local conditions in the county, while also complying with Growth Management Act requirements.


Topic: Stay tuned!

Please stay tuned! DCD is working on line in/line out revisions of the Critical Areas Ordinance based on the best available science. When availalbe, the revisions will be posted for your comments.

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