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Discussion: Environment Element


The purpose of the Environment Element is to establish goals and policies achieve a balance between land development and use activities and environmental protection, consistent with the requirements of the Growth Management Act.

These are the goals related to the environmental element in the comp plan:

1) Manage, protect, enhance, and conserve water resources through a comprehensive watershed management program that is integrated with recovery plans for fish species proposed for listing under the ESA.

2) Protect the quality and quantity of surface and ground water resources, and enhance and restore them where they have been damaged.

3) Ensure a sustainable and safe water supply as a critical necessity for residential, economic, and environmental needs.

Preserve the long-term benefits of shoreline resources.

Allow development along shorelines which is compatible with the protection of natural processes, natural conditions, and natural functions of the shoreline environment.

Protect air quality from the adverse impacts of land use and development and improve it where it is degraded.

Protect Jefferson County’s natural heritage, including native vegetation and unique landforms.

Protect the habitability, environmental quality and natural beauty of Jefferson County from the adverse impacts of development with respect to viewsheds and noise and mitigate impacts based on the conditions.

Ensure that landslide and erosion hazard areas are appropriately designated and that measures to protect public health and safety are implemented for hazardous areas.

Minimize seismic risk to life and property on new and existing structures.

Protect flood hazard areas from development and uses that compromise the flow, storage and buffering of flood waters, normal channel functions, and fish and wildlife habitat and to minimize flood and river process risk to life and property.

Protect and enhance fish and wildlife habitat throughout Jefferson County.

Protect aquifer recharge areas from depletion of aquifer quantity or degradation of aquifer quality.

Protect and enhance wetlands in all their functions.



Copy and paste the goal that stands out to you the most. Why is it important to you?

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Topic: Changes?

What would you like to see changed or added to the environment element goals? Why?

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Topic: How might we?

How might we implement any needed changes to the environment element goals?

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