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Essential Public and Capital facilities are those necessary to maintain a safe, clean and health community, but may be difficult to locate due to their size, noise, or other unique hazardous characteristics that could have a negative on the public. They include the airport, animal shelters, community centers, jails, fire protection, hospitals, schools, landfills, sewers, and utilities.

The purpose of the Essential Public and Capital Facilities Elements is to inventory existing facilities, determine what facilities will be needed in the future based on population projections, determine costs and how to pay for them.

These are the goals related to essential public and capital facilities in the Comp Plan:

1) The County, in cooperation with its UGAs, will utilize the following siting criteria as the basis for siting new essential public facilities or for the expansion of existing essential public facilities:

     - Proximity to major transportation routes and essential infrastructure;
     - Land use compatibility with surrounding areas;
     - Potential environmental impacts;
     - Effects on resource and critical areas;
     - Proximity to UGAs
     - Public costs and benefits including operation and maintenance;
     - Current capacity and location of equivalent facilities; and,
     - The existence, within the community, of reasonable alternatives to the proposed activity.
     - Other criteria as determined relevant to the specific essential public facility

2. Ensure the continued viability of the Jefferson County International Airport as a transportation hub.

3. Ensure continuation of the airport as a safe and efficient essential public facility.

4.  Establish appropriate Level of Service standards for public facilities. (levels of service are a way to categorized different types of facilities and identify standards of service) .

5. Implement a Six-Year Capital Facilities Concept Plan that ensures that County-owned public facilities meet the established Levels of Service.

6. Ensure that public facilities are adequate to support proposed development at the adopted Levels of Service.

7. Ensure that all capital improvements are made in conformance with the goals and policies of the other elements of the Comprehensive Plan.

8. Implement inter-local agreements with municipalities and other entities to coordinate efficient provision of public facilities consistent with the Capital Facilities Element.

Topic: How might we?

How might we implement any needed changes to essential public and capital facilities goals?

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