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Discussion: Housing Element


The purpose of the Housing Element is to assess future needs for housing in Jefferson County by examining existing residential patterns, demographic trends and projected population growth. Based upon these identified needs, policies are recommended to encourage safe, affordable and decent housing options for all County residents, consistent with the requirements of the Growth Management Act.

These are the goals related to the Housing Element in the Comp Plan:

1. Encourage and support efforts to provide an adequate supply of housing for County residents of all income groups.

2. Promote a variety of affordable housing choices throughout the County through the use of innovative land use practices, development standards, design techniques, and building permit requirements.

3. Cooperate with the appropriate agencies to create programs aimed at conserving and improving the County’s existing housing.

4. Encourage the development of housing for people with special needs.

Topic: How might we?

How might we implement any needed changes to the housing element goals?

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