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Our Transportation infrastructure is extremely important to all aspects of our lives and includes local roads, State Highways, trails, sidewalks, bike lanes, parking lots, and transit routes.

The purpose of the Transportation Element is to analyze current conditions and plan for future use for both motorized and non-motorized vehicles, and pedestrian travel in coordination with the State Department of Transportation.

These are the goals relating to transportation in the Comp Plan:

1. Provide a safe, convenient, efficient and integrated highway and arterial system for the movement of people and goods, one that is functionally well maintained, reflects local environment, and meets the demands of the future.

2. Promote a coordinated and integrated public transportation system available to all residents, guests, and those without personal transportation options in Jefferson County.

3. Provide safe, accessible and convenient routes, trails, parking facilities, trail heads, and other amenities that promote the use of non-motorized travel in a manner that is integrated with other forms of transportation.

4. Encourage land use types, mixes, and densities that promote efficient multi-modal transportation systems.

5. Provide additional roadway aesthetic features that are consistent with surrounding land use.

6. Ensure that the transportation system in Jefferson County encourages the efficient movement of goods, services and passengers and is integrated with the statewide system.

7. Ensure that the Jefferson County Transportation Plan reflects public desire and is coordinated and consistent with the plans of state, regional, and local governments.

8. Ensure that transportation planning includes extensive opportunities for public involvement.

9. Promote demand management programs as a means of reducing traffic, minimizing environmental impacts, and optimizing existing transportation investments.

10. Provide transportation facilities and services that are energy efficient, protect and enhance the environment, and preserve the existing residential quality of life.

11. Develop a transportation improvement program that is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.



Copy and paste the goal that stands out to you the most. Why is it important to you?

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Topic: Changes?

What would you like to see changed or added to the transportation element goals? Why?

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Topic: How might we?

How might we implement any needed changes to the transportation goals?

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