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Green roofs promote biodiversity and create a natural habitat, encouraging a wide range of bees, insects, birds and butterflies, particularly in areas where the habitat has been ‘lost’.

Absorb rainfall that would normally run straight off hard surfaces and are therefore important to help storm water attenuation and reducing urban flooding.

Help to combat the effects of pollution – the green plants absorb noise, trap dust, recycle carbon dioxide, absorb and break down many gaseous pollutants.

Reduce the ‘urban heat island effect’ and the energy costs associated with keeping buildings cool in hot weather.

We can supply a three stage system and can arrange deliveries nationwide.

Next day delivery services ensure the product gets to you as quickly as possible.

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"I have helped in creating the diverse green roofs such as parkland, allotments, Canadian gardens, and zoological enclosures. I hired a green roof company to use recycled and reclaimed materials in the landscaping articles of the green roofs, further enhancing the environmental benefits as well for the clients in Canada.


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