Hi. I’m looking for advice on whether you consider it rude to bring your own food to a family event if you don’t like the meal planned for the event. etiquette training For context, yesterday we hosted midsommar for my husband’s family. We decided that instead of the usual sill and potatoes we would make silltårta and stekt strömming tunnbrödsrulle for lunch. The menu was shared with everyone earlier in the week and no one wrote back complaining about the plan. Well yesterday without any warning, my SIL walks into the kitchen and informs me and my husband that her husband (my BIL) would be having matjessill and proceeded to boil eggs for his meal. Both my husband and I thought this was rude, but my SIL justified it by saying that her husband didn’t read the message we sent to everyone in the family group chat. Are we right or do you think it’s ok given that we are all family? I honestly would have been ok with it if we even got a message or a call in the morning, but there was no warning so I was truly taken aback.

Thanks for your input!

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zhongnian ren about 1 month ago

I think you should not bring your food to an event. I do not know what people think in your area, but it is a rude behavior in my local area. Stickman Boost