Idea: Local Food!

Emma Bolin admin over 4 years ago

I love the locally produced food and visiting the farms that produce it!

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Idea: B2B Branding

michael jordig at January 10, 2021 at 9:35pm PST

Business to commercial enterprise (B2B) companies are one-of-a-kind from enterprise to client (B2C) organizations, so it makes experience that their advertising, advertising and marketing, web site design, and so forth. Can be exclusive from B2C variations. Yet, topics are some thing with the intention to be vital for both types of businesses.

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Idea: France

Jecker Juarez about 1 month ago

To live a simple life is a happy life. It may be an unpopular opinion, but a lot of people have been desiring to go back to their lives in the farm or at their hometown. Actually, I am one of the many people who would like to experience that. I am happy to know that it is the kind of life that you have right now in France. I want write a custom essay service about this

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jhendy 365, Freelance IP Network Engineer about 1 month ago

Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer's roles include being responsible for designing, building, implementing and maintaining the IT infrastructure using the latest technology. An IT infrastructure engineer ensures that all IT systems that support businesses of any size operate efficiently.

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Field Engineer is a network of more than 40,000 freelance engineers and technicians based in over 180 countries that give companies like your access to the critical skills that you need, on-demand, without having to pay expensive salaries or recruitment fees.

If you’re looking for a cyber-security engineer, then look no further: Field Engineer can provide you with the people you need to perform security tests on your data processing systems, defend your organization against attacks, and update and improve your current security apparatus.

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Idea: MindFlex

Rashel Ahmed 2 months ago

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Rossie schultz 2 months ago

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Rossie Schultz 2 months ago

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A cheap sustainable online plant nursery is the need of the hour considering the rapid change in the environment. I think we should follow the online plant nursery like eTree which has made a significant impact on the environment.

I have actually used this platform to buy plants in karachi when I visited the country. they were way cheaper than we can get in the market. I think a subsidized platform like this should be started for the betterment of the environment.

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