Mike Regan over 4 years ago

Lifts similar to the escalators in department stores, installed alongside roads on certain hills, can provide a form of powered transportation to anyone on foot, or with a lightweight non-motorized vehicle, such as a bicycle, tricycle, wheelchair, or even certain Kinetic sculptures. The economy and efficiency comes by having a system with one stationary motor, rather than everyone carrying around their own, and starting and stopping with all that extra mass. Once on top of a hill, say Lawrence street, the person could ride, skateboard, or otherwise coast downhill to many other points, from which they again may catch a lift, such as from Taylor going up Washington. Lifts could also be installed along County roads, but would probably get less use. This is a form of mass transit which incorporates the individual having total decision-making power over when to use it, and where to go from there, using the distributive nature of gravity. Gravity is the physical problem to overcome in any transportation system, so why not use it to our own advantage? These kinds of proposals require a community effort, and would create a community benefit. I leave it for others to create ways for individuals to contribute financially.

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I'd like to see a pedestrian-friendly trail (similar to the Olympic Discovery Trail) go in along both Hwy 19 from the schools to Ness' Corner in Chimacum.

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Open green growing pasture areas often with cattle in them.. Smallish houses, large barns, corner gas station, small cafe, tiny post office, large feed and grain store.. We have grown from that early time yet all of that remains only several times larger.. My goal would be to preserve that feel while remaining a vibrant welcoming community for all age groups.

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I love the shorelines of Jefferson County

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